If you clicked on this, you have probably come across our online store or social media. Many people wonder what the benefit is from buying soap products from a company like Sudz rather than stopping at your local convience store and grabbing a bottle of body wash or a bar of soap.... Well there is quite a few answers to that. 

Reason #1: Glycerin.

Glycerin is a natural skin softener that is a by product of the saponification process (Saponification is a process by which triglycerides are reacted with sodium or potassium hydroxide (lye) to produce glycerol and a fatty acid salt, called "soap".) Now, I know this sounds very technical and you are about to stop reading but this reason is very important. Most large soap companies completely extract the glycerin during the soap making process to use in products such as lotion, butters, etc. This product is technically not even "soap" any more as it is made up of chemical detergents. These companies still sell this soap with the extracted glycerin, therefore leaving your skin extremely dried out after use.

Why do these big companies do this, you may ask? Long story short, they would rather profit from you buying a "cleansing" product (soap) AND a "moisterizing" product (lotion), rather than just selling one bar of soap that cleanses and moisterizes. 

Reason #2: The EXTRAS!

As you read above about the glycerin being extracted from most store bought soap, that leaves the soap with absolutely no moisterizing properties, leaving the skin dry and irritated. Not only does Sudz not extract the glycerin during the soap making process, we also add in many oils and butters such as coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, the list goes on and on. These oils and butters, along with the glycerin will keep skin extremely moisterized. 

Not only is Sudz soap full of amazing oils and butters, we also take pride in adding many benefical things to each and every bar of soap. These things include clays for mild exfoliation, essential oils, and other specialty ingredients. While we are adding these extra ingredients to our soaps, we are also insuring all ingredients are sustainablly sourced. We believe that making a positive impact on your skin is just as important as leaving a positive impact in the environment. 

Reason #3: The Process.

The cold process soap making process has been around for hundreds of years. Cold process soap, in short, is created by mixing together Sodium Hydroxide, Lye, Water, other oils, etc, placing it in molds to saponify, removing it out of the molds after 24 hours, and letting dry for 4-6 weeks. Yes, this is a very long process (do not try at home without doing your research, as that description was summerized). With this being such a long process, do you think large companies actually take the time to create this correctly? The answer is no. Basically picture this on a very large scale, with many hands touching it, not enough time for curing, and many fillers added in between (such as Sodium Isethionate which is a foam enhancer, and chemical solvents.)

We hope we didn't bore you with our 3 reasons on why to shop small for soap. We believe it is extremely important to by products that are going to nurish your skin. Sudz strives to have transparancy with our ingredients and provide the most quality ingredients we can. 

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment your favorite thing about Sudz soap below! :)

by Breeanna Gombert (Co-Owner)